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Welcome to the South Beaches of Miami, Florida. The iconic locality of The Tides is steps away from Miami's most exciting dining locations and nightlife and the Crystal water of Atlantic Ocean. These condos have an amazing view of Miami Downtown, Beaches, and the ocean. The Tides Condo homes were built in 1968 on the Hollywood Beach Condominiums featuring 722 homes. In 2005, they were converted to condominiums with luxurious services and amenities including beach club, heated pools, fitness centers, valet parking and business centers. These oceanfront condos are fabulous and have exceptional amenities and spacious living area as well as the features that are a necessity in today’s lifestyle.

The amazing city of Miami, Florida has shared for both bad and good times concerning the rise and fall real estate situations. It is much like any other international market with great intensity of rising real estate buildings that can be seen all over the Miami Downtown area, 10 Museum Park, stunning Marquis, One Miami, The Tides, and the 900 Biscayne to name a few. The Tides apartments are located on the White Sandy Beaches famed as Hollywood's and have two towers north and south. If you are a frequent visitor to South Florida, you may know that the amazing views of so many beaches are hidden by the high-rise buildings row by row.

The trendy South Beaches famed Hollywood Beach has preserved its natural flavor and the new sidewalks, mini parks, a bike path, artsy beach boundaries; old storefronts with contemporary architecture, new pavements, arranged rest areas are slowly transforming the beaches. If you want to be at a walking distance to the great beaches here, high-rise condominium at the beach side of Ocean Drive can be a great option for you. A few new constructed buildings are the Diplomat Residences, The Wave Condos, The Trump Hollywood condos, the Tides Condos on Hollywood Beach, and the Sea-Air Towers etc. For any information or questions about the condos, you can contact the Hollywood Real Estate - Miami Residence Realty. Also, you can visit the website


The Tides Condominiums

Located very close to the Miami Beach, The Tides condominiums is surely one of the very best options that you have. It is located near the south beaches of Miami and comes with one of the most promising locations you could ask for.

Not only this, if you are a party animal, it pays to know that you have excellent options when it comes to vibrant nightlife. You can also take a walk along the crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean and feel the tranquillity and peace of your inner mind. The condos have been designed to offer you an exceptional view of the Miami downtown, the beaches and the ocean as well.

They also come packed with the right kind of amenities which makes it even more exciting to choose to stay here. These condo homes were built back in the year 1968; however, it was during 2005 that they were converted to luxurious condos with the finest amenities and services.

One can find services like valet parking, business centres, heated pools, beach club and a lot of other related facilities. They also boast of one of the best spacious living area and simply choosing to stay here is definitely going to improve your living standards substantially.

Currently, The Tides condominiums are priced appropriately however, given the pace with which things are improving and how the area is shaping up, it is very likely that in the times to come, the price is going to shoot drastically high.

You can find a lot of new apartments come up here. So, if you want to make a smart investment move, we definitely recommend checking out the area and then deciding the best condominiums where you would like to stay. We recommend The Tides condominiums owing to the vast facilities, the finest amenities and the right views which they have to offer. Every condo has been designed to give the residents the kind of luxury which people often crave for.

So, explore, analyze and then make the right call before the prices start to shoot the sky and makes it hard to buy.


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